IT Consultancy

Mark Technologies is a trusted name in the field of Information Technology Consultancy Services since many years. Our expert IT consultants focus on advising our clients on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives. Our core competencies in the area of IT consultancy include Information Security, Risk Assessment and Outsourcing Services.

Information Security and Risk Assessment Consulting

Present era is rightfully called as information age. With the growing traffic of data generating devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and else, the need of securing the data networks have become a serious subject to everyone. The need for proactive and robust Information Security and Risk Management in today’s connected world is of paramount importance. We at Mark Technologies help our clients to secure their online presence and to protect their critical information stored and processed using web applications, intranet and internet to mitigate technology risks and cyber threats. Our consultancy services in the area of information security and risk assessment include:

– Website and Web Application Security Testing
– Internal Vulnerability Assessment
– Remote Penetration Testing

By selecting Mark Technologies as consulting partner in the area of Information Security and Risk Assessment, our clients can focus on promoting their online presence while keeping their critical data and credentials secure at the highest level.


Outsourcing is one of the key businesses of Mark Technologies. We provide a wide range of outsourcing solution to our customers which are tailor made in order to adapt the needs of our client’s business growth. By out sourcing the non-core businesses to us, our clients can get the advantage of lowering their OPEX while keeping the same level of quality service which they enjoy by keeping their internal workforce. We can support our valuable customers to serve as their outsourced services partners in the areas including:

– IT Administration Outsourcing
– Learning Management Outsourcing
– Website Management Outsourcing
– Software Development Outsourcing

By selecting Mark Technologies as your outsourced services partner, we can ensure that your end customers will enjoy better services while you getting benefit of reduced operating expenditure.